The Foundation Behind Henda's Law

The Henda Salmeron Foundation was formed for the purpose of bringing awareness to Dense Breast Tissue and the complexities of its existence as related to breast Cancer. Learn More

Breast Density What You Need to Know

48% of Females have Dense Breast, yet only 12% are aware of it and far less know that Density increases the likelyhood of developing Breast Cancer, 6 times more than that of a Woman without density.

If “early detection saves lives” is still the golden rule, it is a safety net being denied women with dense breasts in the states without the required density disclosure. Women with dense breasts are more at risk for getting breast cancer; tumors are more likely to be aggressive and it is more likely to be missed via mammogram. When women aren’t told about their own breast density and its inherent risk, they are denied the opportunity to protect and advocate for themselves. I want every woman to be empowered to have that discussion with their physicians. Without direct notification by the radiologist, that assurance cannot exist.

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The Must Read Section

Women 25 to 40 Are Misinformed

Genetic Testinis Providing False SecuritiesMany of the younger millenials are getting false senes of secutities from BRACA Gene Testing...

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Women of All Races Are Equally Exposed

Many of the younger millenials are getting false senes of secutities from BRACA Gene Testing through companies that are...

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Get Invoved, Get Educated, Get The Word Out

Everyone has a Mother, Sister, Wife , or Daughter that is directly affected by knowing this little known potetential...

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